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The productivity has raised by 50%

Not only that we are able to supervise the use of the information we handle, but we can also aknowledge our employees' working habits on our computers and this gave us the opportunity to identify and cut out the unproductive activities. As a result, our employees' activity has increased by 50%."

Calin Ştefănescu (Tjobs)
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Cyclope is a non-invasive
employee surveillance solution
for employees working on a computer.
DetailsInformationNoteCyclope does not monitor any details related to the content (screenshots, text) of visited web pages, documents or chat windows your employees use.

Latest Version is 6.8.1

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Awards & Achievements

Amplusnet is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, achieving ISV and Data Management Competence

Cyclope completed "Verified for Windows Server 2004 - ISV Tour" by VeriTest

Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Are there any limitations during the free trial period?

No, the application is fully featured and during the 15 days of trial you can evaluate every feature Cyclope has to offer.

    2. Does Cyclope violate employees' privacy?

No, Cyclope Employee Surveillance Solution is a non-invasive solution because it records the activity and not the content of the visited websites, recorded chat sessions, emails or documents.

    3. I allow my employees to browse the web for personal needs during the lunch break. Does this influence the reports I receive?

In this case, you are able to define the private time period, and this assures the employee's privacy by keeping their activity hidden for the specified time frame set by you.

    4. Is it possible to receive the reports by email?

Yes, you can choose what reports set you want to receive by email and also the reception frequency.

    5. Who is allowed to view the statistics and to access the settings area?

  • The Administrator account has absolute privileges on the interface.
  • The Manager account is only allowed to access one or more departments' statistics and has limited access to the Administration area.
  • The Limited Manager account can only access the Statistics area and has no access to the Administration pages.
  • The Employee account can only view one employee's statistics and has no access to the Administration pages.

    6. Can I receive a refund if I am not happy with the product?

The answers is YES – within 30 days since the product was installed. If you are not happy with the product and our support team is not able to help you solve the problems you are reporting, we will refund your purchase. This policy only applys to new customers. Existing customers – ones who renew their licenses already had this benefit at the first purchase of the product.